Flavour Academy

Flavour AcademyTM has been specifically designed by Essential to bring the world of flavours closer to our customers in the food industry. The training course is held in a relaxed and informal setting, and helps our customers understand and appreciate the science, technology, regulations and application of flavours in today’s market.


I thoroughly enjoyed the flavour academy workshop run by Essential Flavours. It was very informative and helpful. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to learn more about flavours


We have a very competent product development team, however I think it will provide some more knowledge for our team when trouble shooting more challenging products


Through this course, sensory evaluation of flavours will be easier as all technical terms used to describe flavours will be consistent through all of our company

MeganNew South Wales

     The trainer was very knowledgeable on the subject matter.

NenitaNew Zealand

     Very good training opportunity on flavours and applications.

ConnieNew Zealand

     Just want to send a big thank you for hosting the sensory evaluation and science & technology of flavours introductory courses held at Essential Flavours this week.


     The effort that was put in was really impressive not to mention informative with all that attended taking away a lot of useful information about the flavours, how they are made, the regulations behind them as well as the sensory evaluation aspect. Thank you to the great Essential Flavours team for sharing the knowledge!


     Thanks for your hospitality and delivery of the Flavour Academy course. I enjoyed it and learned a lot about the flavour science. I was impressed by the technical knowledge involved as much as overwhelmed by the flavour smelling and tasting. Thanks Alicia for inviting us. Look forward to continue working with Essentials for any future potential projects.

MelvinNew South Wales

     That course exceeded my expectations. I went for a little refresher course and came away with lots of knowledge and few ideas. Also regulatory bit was very informative and it filled lots of gaps in information I overheard in last few years.