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Spice & Herb
Berries Citrus Core/Stone fruits Melon Tropical

The taste and versatility of berries in almost all food and beverage applications means it is one of the most frequently used flavours. At Essential, we have an extensive library of berry flavours with various profiles to suit our customers, and as consumers continuously demand new and innovative flavours, Essential is driven to launch the right profiles for the right products.

We offer an extensive range of berry flavours including:
• Strawberry • Elderberry
• Cranberry • Blackberry
• Blueberry • Boysenberry
• Goji berry • Lingonberry
• Raspberry • White grape
• Mulberry • Concord grape
• Wolfberry • Wildberry

Most popular in beverages, citrus flavours remain an integral part of all foods and cuisines. At Essential, they are developed to appeal to the senses just like the original fruit.

Our citrus range includes:
• Grapefruit • Mandarin
• Lemon • Orange
• Lime • Tangerine

Core fruit, or pome fruit, are fruits that have a “core” of several small seeds, surrounded by a tough membrane. The membrane again is in an edible layer of flesh, which is covered by a thin skin.
Stone fruit, also called a drupe, is a fruit with flesh enclosing the very large and hard “stone” inside.

We pride ourselves on providing the perfect core/stone fruit flavour for customer requirements. In addition to the more common fruits, Essential has developed additional unique flavours:
• Avocado • Sour Plum
• Davidson Plum • Kakadu Plum

These large, juicy fruits with thick skin and many seeds have been popular around the globe for centuries, and they are perfectly suited to the Australian climate and way of life. No other fruit offers a fresh, thirst-quenching taste like melon. Not only are these succulent fruits perfect for hot summer days, their refreshing, unique taste is becoming more and more popular in various application like soft drinks,

flavoured waters, sponge cakes, filling creams and many other products. Though these fruits have simple appearances, their flavour profile is quite complex. At Essential, we have successfully studied and built up a wide range of melon varieties that satisfy consumers. Just some of the melon range we carry includes:
• Cantaloupe • Watermelon
• Honeydew melon • Wintermelon

Grown in warm climates, tropical fruits are renowned for their exotic and sometimes mysterious appearances and their distinct flavour. Now with a dedicated presence in South East Asia, Essential’s range of tropical flavours is focused on representing the true flavour of the fruit. Some of the tropical fruit flavours we carry include:

• Banana • Jackfruit
• Guava - Lychee
• Calamansi • Lemon aspen
• Coconut • Papaya
• Date - Pineapple
• Gac fruit • Tamarind
• Passion fruit • Mangosteen

Vanilla Chocolate Caramel Coffee More

Arguably the most popular flavour in the world, vanilla can be applied in many products, especially in ice creams, cakes and confectionery. Used either on its own as the signature flavour or combined with others, Essential has over 100 variants of vanilla to meet the exact requirements of its customers.

From white to dark chocolate and everything in between, chocolate flavours evoke memories from childhood through the adult years, with profiles ranging across sweet and bitter. Simply tell us the type of chocolate you’re after, and it will be our pleasure to assist.

“Rich”, “flavourful” and “buttery” are words come into mind when describing the caramel flavour. The uniqueness of the caramel comes in its ability to blend sweet with savoury, and to provide the rich back notes in an assortment of application categories.

The humble coffee bean provides the kickstarter to millions around the world every morning. From arabica to robusta, coffee carries an acidic aftertaste and an aroma of fruity, floral and citrus undertones, sometimes with mild taste of chocolate or caramel.

Today, we find coffee not only in drinks but also in bakery, confectionery and dairy. Whether you are after an over-roasted Vietnamese style coffee or a smooth expresso style, at Essential we are confident to choose the right coffee flavour for your product.

We also have:
• Honey
• Cola
• Maple
• Honeycomb
• Toffee

Cucumber Pumpkin Seaweed Rhubarb More

Currently one of the trendiest flavours going around, cucumber is growing in popularity for all the right reasons. With its versatility and health connotations, cucumber is the cool new flavour that goes well in everything from flavoured beverages through to yoghurts and spreads.

Familiar to many as a comfort food in everyday life, the demand for this kind of veggie is high all year round. Pumpkin flavour is widely available in a variety of food products such as tea, marshmallow and soy milk.

If you are planning your next pumpkin flavour product, Essential has the flavour for you.

For long seaweed has been a famous delicacy in many Asian countries, provide consumers with many health benefits. Nowadays, there are many products that has seaweed flavours, including snacks, sauce, and frozen food.

Contact us now for your perfect seaweed flavour.

Growing its popularity recently in many applications across sweet and savoury food, rhubarb is on the favourite list of many of our customers, Essential can provide rhubarb flavour that best fit the product and the consumers taste.

We also offer:
• Carrot
• Sweet potato
• Egg
• Mayonanise
• Maple bacon
• Mesquite

• Balsamic vinegar
• Fatty note
• Smoke
• Vinegar Powder
• Mustard

Yogurt Greek Yogurt Cheddar cheese Coconut Cream More

Currently trending as one of the most popular flavours, yogurt has actually been around for centuries and is utilised in many cuisines around the world. The sour taste and the pleasant flavour of yogurt drives its popularity in many products, whether it is cream filling in a cake or a coating of your favourite cookies.

We have developed flavours that are perfectly suited to traditional and Greek style yoghurt.

Different from regular yoghurt, Greek yoghurt is thicker, creamier and tangier in taste. The flavour of Greek yoghurt is also quite distinctive and strong. The rising demand for Greek yoghurt has made it a popular dessert and also applied to many other foods like cookies, wafer, and ice cream.

Let Essential help your company for your next product development.

One of most the most popular cheeses in the world, cheddar has a rich, sharp and mild flavour depending on the maturity of the cheese. Cheddar cheese can be used in a wide range of both sweet and savoury food, including various types of cakes and snacks.

Our job at Essential is to help your company with the correct flavour profile for your product.

A thicker, richer version of the coconut milk, coconut cream gives a stronger mild un-sweet taste. It is often sweetened and used in various desserts originated in South East Asia or in beverage like Pina Colada.

If your company is planning to develop a product with a coconut cream flavour, be sure to contact Essential for the right flavour.

We also offer:
• Butter cream
• Devon cream
• Cheese
• Cream cheese
• Cream
• Milk
• Custard
• Butter

Peppermint Spearmint Garden Mint River Mint

Provides a strong, bold flavour profile usually applied in gum and sweets, but found in other applications in confectionary and pharmaceutical products. The chemical reaction of menthol creates a cooling sensation in the mouth.

Having a softer flavour profile than peppermint, spearmint brings out a more mild and sweet flavour profile and less overwhelming cooling sensation. Spearmint is also popular in various products like lollies and cakes.

Nothing can compare with a fresh, flavourful mint from garden, with rounded mint note and fresh cooling sensation. Essential can offer a garden mint flavour that give attractiveness to any products of our customers.

Grown in summer and thrives along the riverbanks, river mint has been highly embraced by many foodies in Australia. Our success in developing river mint flavour brings opportunity for great tasting products on the market.

Peanut Macadamia Black bean Walnut Pistachio Pecan Sesame More

The world’s most famous nut is technically not a part of the nut family, but rather a legume. What is without dispute however is the peanut’s popularity due to its versatility and distinctive flavour complementing many food products. Whether it is in confectionery products or savoury snacks, Essential has the right type of peanut flavour for your product.

Our peanut flavour comes in four distinct varieties:
• Peanut
• Peanut butter
• Chocolate peanut butter
• Dark chocolate peanut

Just like Essential, the macadamia is 100% Aussie. Originating in Australia, macadamias are nowadays commercially grown mainly in Hawaii. The nuts’ popularity is ever increasing due to its rich, creamy finish and relatively neutral profile.

Aside from being popular in products such as ice cream, cookies, and confectionery, some newer products like macadamia milk and spreads are gaining traction.

The popularity of black bean is undeniable as more and more people realize how black bean offers rich nutrition and great taste. The flavour of black bean can be described as nutty and a little earthy.

Black bean is applied to various products like cakes, biscuits or cookies. If you are looking a greater black bean flavour, Essential is the right place.

Recognized for its rich nutrition, walnut offers a lot of health benefits. Walnut products includes raw or roasted nuts, or used in various types of cereal bars. Walnut flavour profile can be earthy, tart, nutty, and fairly mild.

Depending on different type of product, Essential can help creating just the right flavour.

Pistachio is a member of cashew family and contains nutritional benefits like protein, fibre and minerals and is believed by some to boost the overall health and improve digestion. Pistachio can be eaten fresh or roasted, and is also used in various desserts, especially popular in ice cream.

Contact us for the most suited pistachio flavour for your product.

Packed with nutrition, pecan is a good choice for health and has been used as a snack or ingredients in a variety of products. The distinctive nutty profile of pecan blends well with many other flavours, making it easily applied in many products.

Find your favourite pecan flavour at Essential.

Sesame is one of most common ingredients in many cuisines around the world, enhancing the taste of food by its rich, nutty and aromatic flavour.

Whether your company is looking for a sesame flavour for your sauce, bread, or maybe a cookie, make sure to contact us for the right flavour profile.

We also offer:
• Hazelnut
• Almond
• Oats
• Brown Rice
• Rice Milk
• Red Bean
• Green Bean

Chai Ginger Cinnamon Cardamom Lemongrass More

“Chai” means tea in Indian, usually referring to a very special spiced milk tea that has become increasing popular throughout the world. It gives a warming, soothing effect and a wonderful sense of wellbeing .The chai tea flavour is usually a combination of fresh cardamom, black tea, cinnamon, ginger, peppercorn and sugar.

Balance between these flavours is key to a successful chai flavour. At Essential, we are confident that our chai tea flavour represents the true chai tea sensation.

Ginger has come out of its association with traditional Asian cuisine and become increasing popular in many consumer foods as a new choice. Full of tangy, earthy, spiciness, it is packed with health benefits and very on-trend.

Essential has ginger profiles that are successfully in a number of applications.

Cinnamon is a familiar ingredient used to enhance the flavour of certain dishes and has medicinal benefits. Cinnamon is applied in various products on the market, from alcoholic beverages to sweets like confectionery, cereal bars and cakes.

Essential has provided cinnamon flavour to many different customers improving the consumer experience.

Easy to find in many food and beverage in Asia, cardamom is both used as flavourings for food and drink, and as a medicine. Cardamom flavour is unique with strong, intensive aromatic fragrance and very spicy, herbal, citrusy taste.

Our cardamom flavours are developed by experienced flavourists and work well in a variety of products.

From a native plant, lemongrass has become known worldwide and used for various purposes including food and beverage, its flavour profile of citrusy, tangy, lemony and minty blend well with other flavours and enhance the taste of product.

Different profiles of lemongrass can be found at Essential; we can help choose the right profile for your products.

We also offer:
• Bitter
• Aniseed
• Anisette
• Aromatic bitter
• Basil
• Bitters
• Clove
• Corainder
• Bunspice
• Ginger Ale
• Herb

• Green tea
• Black tea
• Earl Grey
• Native basil
• Nutmeg
• Pimento
• Rosemary
• Spice blend
• Spice
• Thyme
• Matcha
• Sarsaparilla

Specialty Flavours
Australian Native
Chocolate Vanilla Coffee Orange

There is an increased focus on healthier food products on the market, and a large trend for this target market, is the organic products.

We now have a range of organic flavours and chocolate is one of them, enquire with us for your specific requirements.

The world’s most popular flavour, vanilla, is now available as organic in Essential’s range.

Available in liquid and powder form, enquire with us for your specific vanilla requirements.

Coffee is an increasingly popular part of peoples’ life, whether it be as a kickstart to the morning or a wakeup in the afternoon, it plays a role in many cultures around the world.

Essential now offers an organic coffee flavour in our range and would be happy to sample it to you for your next organic product.

Orange is one of the more popular citrus flavours around the globe and is used in a wide variety of application types including beverages, cakes and jelly.

Essential now has an organic orange flavour in our range that we would be glad to provide to you.

Stevia masker Protein Masker Sweetness enhancer More

With a worldwide focus on healthy eating and a reduction in the use of added sugar in processed foods, stevia has become a popular choice for natural sugar alternatives. Its use however, has its challenges due to its distinct undesirable aftertastes.

Essential’s Stevia masker flavour will help to mask those unpleasant tastes and assist manufacturers to produce a more consumer-accepted sugar-reduced product.


Protein has always been considered a vital element of sports and nutritional based products, and it is now being used in more everyday food and beverages.

We can help you deliver all the benefits that protein delivers without astringent aftertaste.

We recognise that when food and beverage manufacturers try to lower the amount of sugar in their products that this results in many challenges.

This flavour has been designed to assist with increased sweetness delivery when used with products where the amount of sugar has been reduced.

We also offer:
• Alcohol toner
• Sweetness blocker

Aniseed Myrtle Davidson Plum Kakadu Plum Lemon Myrtle Lemon Aspen Munthari Native Basil Passionberry Quandong Wattle Seed River Mint Wild Lime Wild Rosella

Described as having strong aniseed scent and flavoured leaves, with the aroma of menthol and herbs.

This tree is native to a few areas of north-eastern New South Wales, usually used for flavouring desserts, sweet sauces and preserves.

This beautiful palm shaped tree can be found in the tropical rainforests of Queensland and northern New South Wales. The tartness of these rainforest fruits make them well suited to dressing, sauces and desserts.

Aroma of rosella jam and stewed rhubarb, some musk and lolly notes.

The Kakadu Plum is found throughout the tropical woodlands of northern Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Its flavour and aroma is reminiscent of cooked pear and apples with a slight citrus and musk note.

Kakadu Plum is commonly used in sauces, desserts and jams.

Lemon myrtle is one of the more popular and well-known Australian native herbs, with its fresh fragrance of creamy lemon and lime.

It has a confectionery lemon aroma, perfumed with some menthol notes.

A pale lemon coloured fruit about 1.5 – 2.5cm in diameter with a tough star shaped core containing small black seeds and textured much like an apple core, with spongy flesh surrounding it.

Lemon aspen has a tart lemon taste with a hint of grapefruit-like notes. It works well in combination with Quandong and Muntries.

Also known as emu apples or native cranberries, muntries are a low growing shrub found on the south coast of Australia. Muntries have cranberry notes with spicy apple.

They can be used anywhere that you would use apples or sultanas, commonly in baking or chutneys and work well with dairy products.

Believed to be introduced hundreds of years ago by Indonesian traders, pre – European settlement, native basil has been used by Indigenous Australians for medicinal and ceremonial purposes.

Native basil was often called the “five spice plant” because of its delightful fragrant mix of basil, mint and sage flavour.

A native of the central desert regions and a variety of wild tomato, this sweet and aromatic fruit generally grow to be 1-1.5cm in diameter and hang in great numbers right at soil level under the plant.

The fruit are ripe when creamy yellow, and have flavour notes similar to that of banana, caramel and vanilla. Suitable for a wide variety of sweet applications.

Sometimes called wild or desert peaches, these red fruits have a tart apricot and peach style flavour.

Quandong provides twice the vitamin C of orange and can be made into sauce or jam to serve with different types of dishes.

Often used in ice cream, granola, chocolates and bread, Wattle Seed can be described as having an aroma of toasted coffee grounds, sweet spice, raisin, hazelnut and chocolate.

River mint is found across south eastern Australia in moist forests and around waterways. This is a subtle Australian native herb with the taste and aroma of spearmint.

Wonderful in beverages and a wide range of applications.

Sourced from several species of native Australian citrus species, these fruits can be found in various regions from rainforests to arid areas.

Wild lime has a very strong, tart lime flavour and an edible, slightly bitter yellow/green skin.

The tropical rosella buds of the wild hibiscus have a crispy berry and rhubarb taste. They lend themselves to pie fillings and other pastries, ice creams, sorbets and fruit stews.

Chrysanthemum Elderflower Orange Blossom More

Chrysanthemum is often an ingredient in tea because of how pleasing it is on the palette with refreshing and slightly sweet flavour notes.

It is popular around the world and is said to present cooling properties that help decrease body heat.

Elderflower has a sweet but peppery flavour combined with a hint of vanilla and goes perfectly with lemon.

It is popular in many applications like carbonated beverages, syrups, cocktails and desserts

Fresh and sweet floral notes combined with the subtle orange flavour makes orange blossom popular.  It is enjoyed in various applications like muffins, pancakes, carbonates and flavoured water.

We also offer:
• Hibiscus
• Honey
• Lavender
• Musk
• Osmanthus
• Rose
• Wild Rosella

Limoncello Panna Cotta Popcorn Rocky road More Even More

One of the most popular liqueurs in Italy, Limoncello is delicious in cocktails, but can be used in other application as well, like lollies and a wide variety of snack foods.

A common dessert served in many restaurants and bakeries around in the world, Essential has developed this flavour so it can be applied in various applications like muffins, pancakes and many other sweet products.

Do you want to bring the taste of the movies to your product? If so we have created this unique profile so you can, it can also can be combined with other flavours such caramel or chocolate.

This is an Australian dessert tradition, combining the flavours of chocolate, marshmallow and cherry this is one of our founder’s favourite sweet treats.

• Banana and cream
• Birthday cake
• Biscuit
• Black forest
• Caramel slice
• Cherry delight
• Cheesecake
• Chocolate fudge brownie
• Chocolate peanut butter
• Cookie dough
• Cookies & cream

• Crème brulee
• Crème caramel
• Custard
• Egg custard
• Fairy floss
• Fruit salad
• Mango and cream
• Marshmallow
• Nougat
• Pavlova
• Pastry

• Peaches and cream
• Red rattler
• Pecan pie
• Praline pecan
• Red velvet

• Cherry delight

• Strawberry and cream
• Strawberry jam tartlet
• Tiramisu
• Toffee apple
• Spaculatious

Blue Curacao Alcohol booster Jamaica Rum Irish Cream More

This is a true curacao flavour with orange notes and a liqueur profile. It is a unique flavour profile, suitable for any alcohol product and could be applied to a range of applications to create indulgent taste sensations.

One of our function-specific flavours developed to heighten the alcoholic note within a product. It can assist in creating the sensation of consuming alcohol for products that don’t incorporate the desired liquor.

It can also enhance existing alcoholic notes in alcohol-containing food and beverage.

It has a fruitier profile that standard rum, with some mild spice notes.

The world mast famous cream liqueur, with some imagination it can be used in many more applications than just alcoholic beverages.

In our extensive alcohol range you’ll also find:
• Alcohol Toner
• Beer
• Bourbon
• Brandy
• Honey Rum

• Oak
• Port Wine
• Rum
• Whiskey
• Wine

Rice Bird's nest Taro Western More

Rice is one of the most important food crops in the world; about half of the world’s population consumes rice as daily food. In Asia, rice also plays a cultural role. Depending on the type of rice, the flavour is slightly different as well.

If your company has trouble identifying the best rice flavour profile for upcoming product, contact Essential for consultancy.

Woven by swiftlets from their saliva, birds nest is one of the most popular tonics in Asia, and was typically only used for royalty in the past. Today, it is still one of the most expensive foods, but thanks to the modern technology, birds nest flavour has been created and applied to various products, satisfying the consumer  taste for fine food.

Essential has developed this flavour particularly for the Asian market and is happy to assist with your specific requirements.

Taro was originally sourced from the tropical regions of South India and South East Asia but is now cultivated around the globe. It typically has sweet, nutty flavour, which is very popular in a variety of foods, including ice cream, cakes, sweet soup and more.

Essential has developed a taro flavour specifically for the Asian palate.

There is an increasing influence of western foods and flavours in Asia, introducing many people to new taste experiences. However, for success with consumers in Asia, the flavour profile needs to be adapted to their palate. Essential has been customising the traditional western flavours to have an Asian-style twist and these have become the choice of local manufacturers.

Some typically western flavours, making their way into the Asian market include:
• Avocado
• Strawberry
• Blueberry
• Apple
• Raspberry
• Almond
• Hazelnut
• Chocolate
• Orange
• And more

We also offer:
• Dragonfruit
• Black tea
• Durian
• Ginseng
• Soursop
• Condensed milked
• Green tea
• Matcha
• Sarsaparilla