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Ancient Grains of Goodness
Packing Punches with Pineapple
February 15 | 2017

The popularity of ancient grains is spreading across Australia as food sensitivities among consumers continue to grow and the trend toward health consciousness increases.
Ancient grains – also referred to as super grains or heritage grains – are grown in an eco-friendly manner and provide valuable alternatives for gluten and wheat. Many of these grains are grown organically, which is better for the soil and the environment.
Furthermore, ancient grains are usually cooked as a whole grain, providing more nutritional benefits than modern grain products that may be over processed and refined. These grains, such as buckwheat, quinoa, chia and sorghum, provide a protein-rich alternative for vegans and vegetarians. Depending on the variety, soil and growing conditions, these grains have more fibre and are richer in vitamins and minerals.
However some ancient grains have an undesirable or bland taste that may make their consumption less enjoyable – and that’s where Essential comes in. Essential’s skilled technical team take a pragmatic approach to masking undesirable profiles and mouth feel in products, including soy, protein, stevia, vitamins, caffeine and cereal. Essential has successfully worked on a range of different applications, such as bars, hot and cold cereals, beverages and pharmaceutical products. We have the experience and confidence to work on your next brief.